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Infertility Awareness Tips for Getting Pregnant in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

Quick: What’s prime time to conceive? During Infertility Awareness Week, always held in the springtime, we want to remind you to embrace your fertility and get to know the facts about the reproductive seasons of life.

  • You begin having periods in the springtime of life, when everything is coming up roses.
  • Summer falls in your 20s and early 30s, a season in which you should warm-up to family-building. This is your fertile window and prime time on the biological clock.
  • Unlike our annual calendar, seasons don’t have equal increments. The next phase of fertility flies by, from age 35 to 40. Think of that season as fall (i.e. eggs are falling out of commission and your ovaries are working hard at raking them up).
  • Next comes winter, when a woman celebrates her 40th birthday and regrets inviting the friends who bring hemorrhoid cream and over-the-hill cards. Getting pregnant is difficult (but not impossible). This is when you will thank yourself for egg freezing in your 20s.

Actions that you take now prove your mastery of infertility awareness

So you want children, just not right now. Or, you have a supportive partner but he (or she) isn’t ready to get pregnant. What’s a woman to do? See a fertility specialist! The key is knowing your fertility potential at any age – any season – so you will have all of the facts in front of you.

Today’s streamlined fertility tests give you solid clues about your remaining egg supply and the hormones your brain throws at the ovaries to set ovulation in motion every month. We can learn a lot about your fertility potential by asking questions about your monthly periods, family medical history, how long you have been trying to conceive and your overall health and wellness. The number-one infertility awareness indicator, though, is age.

What fertility season are you enjoying?

The team at IVFMD will support Infertility Awareness Week April 23-29 by posting on social media, engaging with legislators about improved access to care and telling everyone who will listen about the latest fertility treatments. We want men and women to feel empowered, hopeful and supported as they seek answers and infertility treatment.

Contact us to set up a time for fertility assessment. In the spirit of Infertility Awareness Week, we leave you with these words: “Spring is a time to find out where you are, who you are and move toward where you are going.” — Penelope Trunk

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