Tips for Men Trying to Improve Their Fertility

Tips for Men Trying to Improve Their Fertility

At IVFMD, we specialize in helping couples overcome infertility, a complex condition that involves multiple variables. Our team of experts comes alongside you, guides you through the various tests, and helps you navigate your options.

For our male patients looking for ways to increase their fertility, we offer tests and treatments that can identify problems and provide solutions. In addition, there are some things you can try on your own to boost your chances of fathering a child. 

Get tested

If you and your partner have been trying for a year or more to have a baby, it’s time for you both to come in for an expert evaluation. Female infertility is complicated and may be related to any combination of factors, including age, blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, and ovulation issues, to name a few. We offer a full spectrum of services for women facing fertility challenges.

However, half of all fertility problems stem from an issue with the man, so it’s best for you to get checked as well. We start with a semen analysis. This noninvasive and very private test provides critical information about your sperm count and semen volume, as well as the health and motility of your sperm.

If we identify a problem, such as low testosterone, we can get you started on a treatment plan that should resolve your fertility issue as well.

Tips for boosting your fertility

Male fertility can be easily influenced by certain habits and lifestyle factors. Of course, the success of any of these options relies entirely on what’s causing your infertility, but since they are all healthy tips, and you have the best chance of increasing your fertility when you’re in good health, they are worth a shot. 

If anything on this list applies to you, talk to our team about it. Reversing your fertility problems may be as simple as making a few adjustments to your daily routine. 

However, some issues don’t have a quick fix. For example, your fertility challenges may stem from:

Whatever the culprit, we can help. Once we diagnose the root cause, we treat you, your partner, or both of you to resolve the issue quickly and safely. In the event that the cause isn’t treatable, there’s still hope!

We are one of the top fertility clinics in the state of Texas, and we’ve helped thousands of couples achieve their dreams of starting and growing their families. 

Don’t ignore your fertility issues — the sooner you know what’s standing in your way, the sooner you’ll be holding a baby in your arms. To schedule a consultation, call any of the three IVFMD offices in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metro area or request an appointment using our handy online scheduling tool.

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