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Cost of Mini IVF in Dallas & Fort Worth

The cost of Mini IVF (also called micro-IVF or ministim IVF) in the Dallas Fort Worth area varies among centers. We design an affordable mini IVF program to give women with very low egg reserve a chance to conceive using their own eggs.

By using the INVOCELL device to enable the woman to carry her embryos, we can eliminate the cost associated with growing embryos in an incubator. Together with the cost saving on medications, the INVOCELL makes our Mini IVF program much affordable than conventional IVF.

The global fee for the Mini IVF at IVFMD covers all services incurred in a typical Mini IVF cycle from start to finish and also includes the frozen cycle in which uterine environment is more receptive to the embryo.

Global Fee for Mini IVF Cycle

Please note:

The Mini IVF global fee does not include the cost of medications which can vary from $2,000-$3,000 and the INVOCELL device which costs about $600.

The Mini IVF global fee does not include $500 for anesthesia which will be paid to the anesthesiologist directly on the day of egg retrieval.

An amount of $200 for administrative fee will be added to the global fee when payment is made by credit card. The fees quoted are subjected to changes without prior notification.

Administrative fee will be assessed for all financing options. Please contact office for information.

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