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LGBTQ+ Friendly Fertility Treatment Clinic in Texas

We’ll help you build your family, your way. At IVFMD, we believe that families come in all shapes and sizes and we offer comprehensive treatment options to help build LGBTQ+ families.

Whether you are looking for a specific treatment or are just beginning your journey to parenthood, our fertility specialists are here to help.

Once you meet with one of our fertility specialists, the IVFMD team will help put together a treatment plan for you and your goals. Here are just a few treatments offered at IVFMD that help make LGBTQ+ parenthood possible:


For same-sex female couples, IVF can be used with donor sperm to make having a family possible. If one woman wants to provide the egg and the other wants to carry the baby, an egg retrieval procedure will need to occur prior to the egg fertilization process. For same-sex male couples, a gestational surrogate and egg donor will need to be sourced.


We recommend IUI with donor sperm for LGBTQ+ couples. During this fertility procedure, the donor sperm is inseminated into the carrier’s uterus through a small catheter (much like getting a pap smear).


Our fertility specialists will assist you in finding a gestational surrogate. In Texas, it is required that couples use a gestational carrier for surrogacy cycles, meaning the surrogate does not have a biological connection to the baby.

Sperm Donation

We will assist you in finding donor sperm, which can either be from a known or anonymous donor. You can learn more about what to look for when sourcing donor sperm here.

Egg Donation

Our fertility specialists will assist you with sourcing a healthy egg. For more information about fertility treatments with donor eggs, click here.

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