Fertility Treatments / Infertility Medical Procedures and Surgeries in Texas

Infertility Medical Procedures and Surgeries in Texas

At IVFMD, we are here to ensure that you have the absolute best chance at starting a family. Sometimes, this can involve surgical intervention. Learn more about the diagnostic and fertility surgeries IVFMD offers  that can help you treat the causes of infertility and increase your chances of reproductive success.


A laparoscopy is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure that is performed to diagnose and treat causes of female infertility. From a diagnostic perspective, a laparoscopy allows your fertility specialist to conduct more thorough examination of your pelvic reproductive organs to identify any abnormalities or confirm a diagnosis of endometriosis. From a treatment perspective, a laparoscopy can be performed to remove scar tissue, fibroids or other pelvic adhesions that may be impacting your fertility.


A hysteroscopy may be performed for diagnostic or operative purposes. When conducted as a diagnostic procedure, a hysteroscopy can help identify the causes of female infertility by providing a better look at the female reproductive organs. A diagnostic hysteroscopy may be performed in conjunction with a laparoscopy. Once the diagnostics are confirmed, an operative hysteroscopy may be required for the removal of polyps, fibroids, or adhesions within the uterine cavity or to open up blocked fallopian tubes. A hysteroscopy is typically an outpatient procedure.


A myomectomy is a surgical procedure that allows for the removal of uterine fibroids (also known as myomas). Uterine function is often restored to its full potential after the completion of a myomectomy, which means your chances of becoming pregnant will be optimal. At IVFMD, we perform a minilap myomectomy procedure, which involves faster recovery for our patients.

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