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Fertility Appointment Questions and Answers

At IVFMD, we’re committed to helping you feel confident and empowered throughout your fertility treatment experience. And, that starts with being informed. Explore our FAQs to find answers to some of our most common questions about fertility care. 

General Information

Where is IVFMD located?

IVFMD has three convenient locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Irving, Arlington, and Grapevine. Visit our Locations page for more information.

How do I request an appointment?

Request an appointment at one of our IVFMD clinic locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro. Once your appointment is confirmed, we’ll send you some details about what to expect during your first consultation.

Do I need a fertility assessment?

If you have been struggling to get pregnant for more than 6 months, a fertility assessment is a great first step in building your family with IVFMD. Visit our Fertility Assessments page to learn more about our male and female infertility testing.

What are the success rates of IVF and IUI?

For over 20 years, IVFMD has consistently delivered some of the highest IVF pregnancy rates in Texas. To view our clinical statistics published by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART), please click here.

Infertility Information

Are there any early signs of infertility in women?

Female infertility can be caused by a variety of lifestyle or health-related issues. Learn more about the causes of female infertility and fertility assessments performed at IVFMD

What are the symptoms of infertility in men?

Male infertility can be caused by a variety of lifestyle or health-related issues. Learn more about the causes of male infertility and fertility assessments performed at IVFMD.

When should I/we consider seeing a fertility specialist?

If you and your partner have been struggling to conceive for more than 6 months, it may be time to see a fertility specialist. Learn more about when to seek help for infertility here.

I’ve been diagnosed with cancer. Can I still get pregnant?

While a cancer diagnosis can be devastating, it doesn’t always mean you can’t get pregnant after completion of your treatment. For more information on fertility care for cancer patients, please visit our oncofertility page.

Cost & Financing

Are fertility treatments covered by insurance?

IVFMD is proud to be an in-network IVF facility for Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare, and Tricare. Covered patients do not have to pay out-of-network fees when they use our centers. Learn more about fertility insurance and treatments with IVFMD.

Are there financing options available for my fertility treatments?

IVFMD is proud to partner with FutureFamily, United Medical Credit and Capex MD to offer financing options for your fertility treatments. Learn more about financing your fertility journey here.

How does IVFMD help with the cost of fertility treatments?

At IVFMD, we are committed to making fertility care as simple and affordable as possible. Since 1997, we have been one of the leading fertility clinics in the nation in both patient outcomes and cost-efficient treatments. Visit our Insurance & Financing Options for more information on how IVFMD can help with the cost of fertility treatments.

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