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Fertility Patient Referral

IVFMD is your partner in providing exceptional experiences in fertility care. Since 1997, our team of board certified reproductive endocrinologists and gynecologists has helped thousands of patients build their families. With multiple locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we are here to provide patients with convenient, cost-effective access to top-tier fertility treatments. 

We’re on a mission to make modern fertility care more accessible for more patients.

Personalized Care

We take a personalized approach to fertility because every life and body is different. Each doctor at IVFMD brings different specializations and experiences, so we can match patients with the best possible fertility options for each unique circumstance. 

Advanced Treatments

As a member of the Fertility Specialists Network, we have access to clinical and operational resources that allow us to introduce the most advanced IVF treatments and technologies into our patients’ fertility care plans.

Affordable Solutions

Our doctors have committed their careers to making quality fertility care more affordable and accessible to more patients.  With our transparent pricing and Global IVF fee, we are working toward a world where cost is not a barrier in patients’ dreams of building a family.

Thank you for your interest in referring a patient to IVFMD!

Please download our referral form below.

How to submit your referral:

  • Complete and fax the Referral Form to our office (972-506-0044)
  • Please have your patient call our clinic (972-506-9986) to confirm their appointment


Helpful Tips:

  • If you are referring a patient for HSG:
    • It’s best to schedule the HSG between the 7th to 10th day of the cycle
    • Please prescribe for your patient antibiotic prophylaxis for the test
    • * Full HSG instructions are on page 2 of the Referral Form
  • If you’re referring a patient for a semen analysis:
    • A 3-4 days period of abstinence is recommended before semen collection