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Financing the Cost of Fertility Treatment

We believe all patients should experience the joys of parenthood, regardless of their financial situation. At IVFMD, we work with fertility financing companies in Texas and are committed to providing top-notch fertility care at a reasonable price. Because we understand that the monetary impact of infertility services can be stressful, our fertility specialists always start with the least expensive and least invasive option that could generate successful results.

IVFMD Global Fee

Our IVFMD Global fee is designed to eliminate the financial stress during IVF treatment. One fee covers all procedures performed by the fertility specialist and laboratory staff. Our pricing is transparent; there are no out-of-network or hidden costs. Our IVFMD Global Fee covers:

Physician management
Monitoring sonograms
Monitoring hormones
Egg retrieval
Indicated embryology procedures (IVF, ICSI, laser hatching)
Embryo transfer
Embryo freezing and first year of storage
Pregnancy tests
Pregnancy sonograms

To help minimize the costs of fertility treatment, we recommend that you:

Contact your insurance company to see if any of the initial procedures, office visits or prescriptions may be covered under the policy. It is a good idea to get the answers in writing.

Reach out to your human resources department to find out if your company, or your partner’s employer, contributes to fertility treatment costs.

Look at your budget and evaluate whether or not you have areas where you can cut back to put the extra towards treatment.

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Insurance Options

We work with a wide network of insurance companies to help reduce the costs of fertility and IVF treatment. View our list of accepted insurance, as well as tips on understanding your benefits.

Financing Options

Struggling to conceive is stressful enough. Financing your fertility journey shouldn’t have to be. Learn more about how our financing options help make fertility care available to all.

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We understand that struggling to conceive is stressful enough. We don’t want financial issues to add to your concerns. Contact us or visit our insurance and financing pages to learn more about how we provide cost-effective fertility care to our patients.