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Understanding Fertility Insurance Benefits

At IVFMD, we are on a mission to make fertility treatments more accessible to patients. Insurance can play a large role in reducing the costs of fertility and IVF treatments. Explore our list of accepted insurance, as well as tips on understanding the benefits of your fertility insurance.

Know Your Fertility Benefits

Major insurance providers such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare and Tricare offer a wide spectrum of fertility benefits, including IVF treatment; however, your employer has to purchase these features in order for you to be covered.

Fertility insurance benefits exist at different levels:

No infertility benefit: This total lack of infertility coverage is uncommon.

Diagnostic testing only: This more common type of benefit covers procedures necessary to diagnose the causes of infertility such as sonogram, HSG, hormones levels and semen analysis. It also covers diagnostic surgeries such as hysteroscopy and laparoscopy.

Diagnostic testing and limited treatment: Benefits include diagnostic testing and treatment limited to ovulation induction and/or artificial insemination. Drug benefits may include clomiphene and, less commonly, the injectable medications.

All treatments are covered: This is the most generous policy, but it can change year to year. Coverage includes IVF treatment and injectable medications. There is often a limit on the amount covered or the number of IVF attempts allowed. Patients with qualifying fertility insurance do not have to pay out of network fees when undergoing IVF treatment.

Questions to Ask Your Employer About Fertility Benefits

You can ask your company’s employee benefit department the following questions:

Are there fertility insurance benefits in my health plan? Is there any treatment benefit?

Is there any other plan that has infertility coverage? If so, what is the cost difference?

When can I change plans?

If a pre-existing condition restriction applies, what is the waiting period before I can start treatment? 

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company

You can get more specific information on infertility coverage by calling Member Services at your insurance company or by visiting its website. To facilitate the inquiry process you should have the following information ready: name of the insured individual, patient/employee ID number or social security number, patient’s name and date of birth, name of the employer, name of the plan and group number. Remember to get the full name of the person providing the information and the contact phone number (with extension). When possible you should get the information in print. Below are the questions to ask:

Is there coverage for diagnostic testing?

Is there coverage for treatment of infertility? If yes, which of the following is covered:

  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)?
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)? Number of cycles allowed?
  • Embryo freezing?
  • Frozen embryo transfer cycle?

Are the fertility drugs covered (Clomiphene, Gonal-f or Follistim)?

Is there a lifetime maximum benefit?

Is there a maximum benefit per calendar year?

Is the medication benefit included in the calculation of the lifetime maximum limit?

Get Referrals and Authorizations

Please remember that it is your responsibility to obtain the required referral and authorization prior to your appointment, if your plan requires you to do so. If you don’t have a referral or an authorization, your insurance will not reimburse your visit, and you will ultimately be responsible for the cost.

We will work closely with your insurance provider to ensure that you receive the benefits included in your policy. Our team will file claims and attempt to negotiate disputed claims on your behalf with your insurance carrier. However, you are ultimately responsible for payment of charges that are not resolved. In addition, expenses not covered by your insurance policy will be your responsibility. We’re always here to assist you with any questions and claims.

No insurance? No problem!

Please see our Financing Options page for additional information about reducing the costs of your fertility journey with IVFMD.

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