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The fertility care experts at IVFMD in Irving, Grapevine and Arlington, Texas, understand that it’s impossible to put a price tag on the value of having a child. However, these dedicated professionals know that cost can limit your options for IVF treatments. This is especially true if you have low egg reserves requiring multiple attempts to stimulate ovulation. In that case they often recommend what’s called a Mini IVF Protocol to decrease costs and increase your chances of becoming pregnant. For more information call IVFMD today for an appointment or use their online scheduling service.

Mini IVF

The Mini IVF protocol gives women with low egg reserve a chance to conceive their own biological children.

For patients with low ovarian reserve the traditional IVF strategy has been to use aggressive stimulation to safely collect as many eggs as possible in one cycle. However, for patients whose ovaries can only produce a few eggs per cycle (those with AMH < 0.3 ng/ml or antral follicle count <5), there comes a point when maximum stimulation is no longer cost effective. For these patients a gentler stimulation protocol that combines the body’s natural reserve of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) with a lighter dose of medications can give the same stimulating effect and thus may be more productive. Instead of wasting money in high doses of medications that are unlikely to be effective, the resources can be channeled into a couple of Mini IVF cycles to accumulate more embryos in order to improve the chance of success.

As an analogy, imagine driving a car with an engine that can only allow a top speed of 30 miles/hr. Pressing the gas pedal aggressively would only waste fuel without making the car go any faster. A better approach would be to nudge the accelerator just enough to allow it to go at 30 miles/hr and use the saved gas to travel a longer distance.

At IVFMD we use a combination of clomiphene and low dose injectable stimulation medications to allow maturation of multiple follicles. By inducing the release of FSH from the pituitary with clomiphene, we can significantly reduce the amount of FSH from medications to achieve the same stimulating effect of an aggressive IVF protocol. 



Mini IVF vs. Aggressive IVF for Poor Responders 

Our Mini IVF program is consisted of 2 phases:

  1. Mini Stimulation Phase: Patients use a combination of clomiphene and low dose injectable medications to stimulate the ovaries. We then continue to monitor patients with sonograms and blood work until they undergo egg retrieval. All matured eggs are injected with sperm (ICSI) and the resulting embryos are cultured to day 3 and then cryopreserved by the new vitrification method. After each Mini IVF cycle, a break of 1 cycle is recommended to allow the ovaries to return to their normal state before the transfer cycle.
  2. Embryo Transfer Phase: For about 2 weeks estrogen is used to grow the uterine lining before vaginal progesterone is added to mature the endometrium. By avoiding exposure to high hormone levels seen in the stimulation phase, the endometrium can grow and mature at conditions closer to those of a natural cycle, thus making it more receptive to the embryo. On the transfer date the embryos are thawed and prepared for transfer. Laser drilling of the zona is also performed to facilitate embryo hatching and implantation.

The main disadvantage of the Mini IVF program lies in its length. Whereas a typical IVF cycle lasts about 6 weeks before the outcome is known (from the start of birth control pill to the day of pregnancy test), the Mini IVF program requires about 10 weeks. A break cycle of 4 weeks is usually necessary to allow the ovaries to return to their resting state before the frozen embryo transfer cycle.

In addition, the same IVF Global Fee applies to the Mini IVF cycle. The main cost-saving aspect of Mini IVF lies in its lower medication cost.

Lastly, while the Mini IVF program can help produce embryos it cannot change the greatest challenge faced by many patients with diminished ovarian reserve, low egg quality. However, it only takes one healthy egg to make a big difference and we have had patients who conceived with as few as 1-2 eggs.

In summary, for most patients undergoing IVF treatment the standard approach has been to use high doses of ovarian stimulation medications to improve chances of pregnancy. However, for women with extremely low ovarian reserve a better option might be to use the gentler stimulation of the Mini IVF protocol to save embryos for future transfer. For these women the challenges are greater but the ultimate outcome might be worth the efforts.

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